Do you wish to make a positive impact in the lives of others? Or perhaps you’re seeking something to bring greater meaning to your own life? By volunteering with youths who have special needs, you can get as much out of it as you put in.

Московский Дом Удивительных Людей Александра Резникова Мария Кубай Даша Власова Рома Бобырев

Youth with special needs want to live meaningful lives, as members of the community. You can make a difference in the New Year by volunteering in a variety of roles. Whether it’s mentoring, helping someone live independently, or simply being a friend, you will always know the impact of your work.

We need to

  • Specialists in accompanying young people with special development and health during intensive care. Travel, accommodation and meals are reimbursed

  • Autovolunteers to help students move around Moscow and the region; volunteers to accompany the participants of the Intensive Study to the site of the Intensive Study in the neighboring regions (Nizhny Novgorod, Kaluga, Tver, Ryazan regions, etc.). Travel expenses may be reimbursed when travelling outside Moscow and the Ministry of Defence

  • People with a living syllable, writers, journalists, mediators of communities who could disseminate information about us in the media, society, business organizations, NGOs, state organizations will be useful.

Interested in joining the project as a specialist? We are looking for people in different positions on the project team:

Specialists with experience in working with people with special development - defectologists, psychologists, teachers, art-therapists, music therapists, specialists in movement and sensory rehabilitation (PLK, dance-motor therapy, etc.)

Inclusion, interest and love for people, ability to accept and be accepted are demanded

Московский Дом Удивительных Людей Александра Резникова Мария Кубай Даша Власова Рома Бобырев
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Tutors - specialists in accompanying young people with health and development features during the off-site intensive care and activities of the DOS Club.

For the first time you can come as a candidate for specialists in the support (tutor) - as a volunteer trainee. During the shift, the trainees learn the basic skills of accompanying people with special needs.

  • The Intensive Tutor’s duties include accompanying the student during the day and, depending on the needs of the student, may include: - Help with the observance of sensitive moments, support in classes and during other activities. Depending on the peculiarities of the shift students, there may be a need for night escort (night tutoring).

  • In the Home Club, the responsibilities of a tutor include accompanying students during online and offline activities, maintaining communication between activities, monitoring the student’s condition.

Московский Дом Удивительных Людей Александра Резникова Мария Кубай Даша Власова Рома Бобырев
carpenters, potters, florists, confectioners, lovers of decoration and decoupage, ceramists, artists.

Masters are those who are good at their job and willing to share their knowledge with others. We help craftsmen to learn specific aspects of working with people with special development. In the project there are methodologists of workshops that adapt the workshops to work comfortably all: students, master and tutors.
Digital and disign
professionals and amateurs in other fields: working with websites, graphic design, fundraising.

The project has a lot of work and tasks not only in the direct support of students, but also in the field of debugging the administrative processes, the introduction of technical tools that facilitate and improve the work of all professionals, attracting donations, Interaction with the media, broadcasting of methods and exchange of experience. We are waiting for both experienced professionals and novice amateurs, we have many ideas and many plans.
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Московский Дом Удивительных Людей Александра Резникова Мария Кубай Даша Власова Рома Бобырев
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