More than 80% of our students want to work. We want to make sure that young people with disabilities remain involved in vocational learning and their development, and are supported to access employment, volunteering and apprenticeships as soon as they are ready.

Московский Дом Удивительных Людей Александра Резникова Мария Кубай Даша Власова Рома Бобырев

Disability is almost always indicative not only of physical but also of social constraints: difficulties in education, employment, environment.

  • In 2022, there are almost 12 million people with disabilities in Russia known to our local authority [1].
  • Of these, more than 3 million people with disabilities are in paid employment.
  • Only 23% of adults with disabilities have a real opportunity to acquire a new profession.
  • Only 40% of those employed in the economy have jobs that correspond to their qualifications.
  • Only 17% of working age people with disabilities have the opportunity to lead an active life.

[1]. Federal State Statistics Service, 2022.

What we do in Employment and Training
Through partnerships with corporates learning centers and training providers, together we create opportunities for students to gain valuable skills.
Skills training
Our social enterprise which offers training, work experience, qualifications and paid employment to our students
Through small group and job coaching, we support our students to access the world of work.
Employability Skills
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