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Just helping the youth with disabilities get a leg up, express their uniqueness and find friends and partners among enthusiasts who help them to reach the stars

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Московский Дом Удивительных Людей
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The Moscow Home of Extraordinary People has over the years worked closely and successfully with for everyone who needs support in an inclusive educational environment and alternative employment.

Intensive courses and regular sessions with professionals, tutors and volunteers are available to youth with additional needs, learning difficulties, autism, physical limitations and impairments.

Over the years, the Moscow Home of Extraordinary People has established itself as one of the leading Russian projects to support life and open up new opportunities for development career for people with disabilities.

Established 2017
"And even if we don’t have wings, we’ve learned how to fly..."
Московский Дом Удивительных Людей Александра Резникова Мария Кубай Даша Власова Рома Бобырев
Our Mission

Corporate social and environmental responsibility agenda has changed recently. Currently, prosperous business gives more to the world than takes away. Such companies go hand-in-hand with innovations, actually build confidence, attract the best of those motivated by altruism, special interests and independence. They help in creating opportunities to build strong economies and inclusive societies.

Our goal is to help young people with disabilities to become independent and self-sufficient in the grown up world, to get support from the professional community to reach their full potential both in their individual capacities as well as active citizens of society.

"How Courageous Companies Thrive by Giving More Than They Take..."
Московский Дом Удивительных Людей Миша Огородников
Оur principles
Thank you so much for the incredible work you've done. Everyone in the Home wove a section. Ivan didn’t have the Pioneer camp. You've given him hundreds of moments!
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Московский Дом Удивительных Людей Александра Резникова Мария Кубай Даша Власова Рома Бобырев
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