Home club
We regularly meet online and offline. The Home Club is a living community of young people with disabilities, tutors, specialists and volunteers
The ability to communicate with different people is one of the key skills that allows you to feel confident and realize your potential. Often, youth with disabilities communicate only with their parents. The Home Club is an opportunity to expand the circle of communication and to prepare for a future independent life
  • Team participation in online team games (quiz)

  • On-line games («Mafia», «DaNetki», «Who am I?», «Keeper of Secrets» and other games of the merry companies)

  • Creation and carrying out of own «DoMashnyh» quiz and games

  • Chess club lessons

  • Watching and discussing films together

  • Group lessons and trainings
Online events
Offline activity
We visit museums and cinemas, meet for joint board games, seminars, communication and pastime.

Participating in our Home club not only a meeting. It is the acquisition of new social experience, the broadening of the circle of contacts, the enhancement of communication skills, the acquisition of new knowledge and skills and the opportunity to prove themselves in a host environment.

And for the participants of professional working groups on the creation of a new site, Home quizzes and games - it is also team skills, experience in the project with personal responsibility.

Online activities are conducted using Zoom or other suitable online platform.
Student Benefits
Having fun doing things with new friends. Get a comfortable communication environment
of life
exceed internal restrictions and the ability to do things that seemed impossible
new opportunities
practical skills that enhance functionality and confidence
Parent's Benefits
recognition that there are ways of independent existence of the child, allows you to get a respite from the anxieties and concerns about the child, his or her future
realize potential
information from involved specialists with objective understanding of the situation allows to identify internal talents
outside perspective
an opportunity to see what is the environment where the child is accepted and understood, help to learn new skills
How do I get to the Home club?
It starts with the initial diagnosis. To sign up:

+7 (977) 911-64-77 (WhatsApp or Viber)
info@dulmos.ru with the subject of the letter «Recording for diagnostics»

Diagnostics is carried out in two stages: interview and questionnaire

The interview is conducted by the project specialists (psychologist, special psychologist or defectologist, other specialists). As a result of the diagnostics, a panel of specialists determines a psychological portrait of the future student, the level of Tutorial support, visual support, other special conditions, as well as requests of the student and his parents or persons, In this regard, I would like to inform you that they are replacing them with psychological and social rehabilitation.

Based on the results of the diagnosis, the team of specialists determines the directions of development of the student, the composition of suitable project activities and the amount of Tutorial support required, which is reported to the student and parents.
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