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Deep down we all just want to have fun. Field Intensives, our community, outdoor activities are so much more than that – taking part in activities contributes to lifelong learning and good health. And it is also an opportunity to learn in a supporting environment, to get skills in stepping outside of your comfort zone and to live full lives with disabilities

Perhaps not everyone will be able to do everything but our target is to find something that is challenging but achievable for all
We aim to make sure that everybody is able to take part in our activities so we have chosen equipment and developed methods of working to get everyone involved
What makes us unique?

It’s a family atmosphere and extended support. Our professional, knowledgeable and effective tutors can adapt to students’ learning style and support to achieve their full potential

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  • thanks to all the staff who work so hard to make every day special

  • thanks to all the volunteers and committee members who give their time, effort and energy

  • thanks to the grant making trusts who have contributed to our activities

  • thanks to companies who have made donations or given their time to support us

  • thanks to Moscow Government and Department of Labor and Social Protection for their continued help and support

  • thanks to all the parents, careers and care workers who support our students

  • most of all, thanks to everyone who has visited Moscow DUL to take part in our activities

field intensives
Intensive Courses (long format). Youth with disabilities and the team of experienced professionals are to be living under the same roof, at least for a few days. During field intensives we run therapy and activity sessions in a small groups, each accompanied by a tutor.

Our field intensives provide the opportunity to develop work and independent living skills through activities like team building, cooking and playing.

There are some things all of our field intensives have in common:

  • stimulating, challenging and fun
  • a place to meet others and make new friends
  • a place where you can learn new skills that will help you every day
Our home club represents a living community of youth with disabilities, tutors, professionals and volunteers. Online and offline we meet regularly:

  • to spend time enjoying new places, museums or parks
  • to learn new skills that will help you every day
  • to have the opportunity to try new things
  • to take part in activities that contribute to lifelong learning
  • to develop skills within their own areas of interest
Home club
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Our aim is to help each member of our team fulfil their potential and become more independent. We aim our sights high and encourage individuals to try new challenges and develop skills in a safe, managed, creative environment. We help our team members to develop skills to live independently and contribute to their community.

Every day has a varied program with three themes running through: work skills, independent living and personal development. With a choice of activities team members have the opportunity to develop skills within their own areas of interest as well as trying new things.

If you are interested in joining the Moscow Home of Extraordinary People please contact us. We’ll invite you for a visit so that you can see for yourself the different options that are available. Choose the one to make sure that it is what you want. And then . . . welcome aboard.
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